Collabrated with TEAM TAPOO

{ Zero-wasted Toilet System on Mars }

Imagine we move to Mars and build up new everyday rountine. Our body would face a challenge because of the change in mass. Our resources, including food and water, would be more limited than that on the Earth. Therefore, you need a help from a more ergonomic toilet design and a zero-wasted system.

TAPOO is a system consisted of a toilet design with "35-degree rule" and a recycling component. It utilizes suction power for waste removal, which can enhance the users' experience with the aid of suction. After the suction, the wastes would be collected for the 3 uses (food, energy and construction) according to the analysis result.

As a design engineer in the team, I was responsible for the 3D modeling, pre-visualization and electronics. Arduino was used as the micro-controller for buttons, suctions and lights.

Electronics / 3D Design / Questionnaire Web