Precious Light

{ Piezoelectricity, LEDs and Crystals }

Precious Light questions more accessible energy and presents the piezoelectricity through an interactive setting. Crystals and piezo discs were hanged and connected together. Like collision balls, when the piezo disc is hit, the LED connected to the disc will light up. The audience can pull a crystal and let it fall to a piezo disc. If it is shaken, more LEDs can be lit up. Although piezoelectricity has already been applied to urban design, it could be possibly used widely on other designs, like toy design. The tiny batteries could be very devastating to the environment because of the massive use.

Enhancing the sustainability of energy is essential for environment protection. In Hong Kong, the preciousness of electricity may not be obvious. However, around 1.1 billion people still do not have access to electricity. While free energy seems to be impossible, piezo discs can generate electricity by mechanical force. The voltage is not strong, yet it is still able to light up a LED, giving a temporary brightness. When the power is generated simultaneously, the pendulum assembles the spots of dim light to be a more significant source of light.

Piezoelectricity & Growing Cystsal (Rochelle Salt)

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