"Learning to code is an empowerment. When we are transforming an abstract idea to a concrete product / service, it is not only about how advanced the technology is, it is more about how we can make the technology more accessible and solve problems with creativity, which can be helpful to enhance our living quality and interaction among human, computer and nature."

Selected Projects

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Mono-material Rehabilitation Tool for
Stroke Patients

collaborator: Tijana Vojinovic, UCL

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Aromatherapy Installation
Scent Vending Experience

Client: Firmenich

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Transformable Design for
Kindergarten Entrance

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Collaborative Monitoring System
Pollutions in London Underground

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Design Museum, London
Mars: Zero-wasted Toilet System

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Online Material Library for
Material Making at Home

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Drips of Years

Video Installation for
Vietnam Caves Expedition

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Precious Light

Self-grown Crystal Lights Developed with Piezoelectricity

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Integrated Branching City

Real-time Pixelated City and Music Generated by Brainwave