Assistive & Rehabilitation Tool for Stroke Patients


Ecosystems of Rehabilitative and Assistive Technologies

REHAP is an assistive and rehabilitation tool for stroke patients, so they can have strength training exercises and synchronise simple hand movement on another half of the body. According to a research, around 1 in 3 stroke survivors experienced emotional problems after their stroke. In their recovery, they need to purchase different rehabilitation and assistive tools to satisfy separated functions, such as strength training exercise and stretching the freezing limb.

Integrated with mirror therapy, REHAP empowers the user to control and train the affected limb with the non-affected limb while relearn the body coordination. It provides a solution of continuous rehabilitation with interchangeable gears in different difficulty levels concerning the user’s progress.

Designed in modular structures with compliant mechanism, REHAP can be printed in a single material, which simplifies the production and recycling process, making the ecosystem of rehabilitation and assistive technologies more accessible and sustainable.